PostMates Accident Lawyer

PostMates Accident Lawyer

You must make several considerations when selecting an attorney, and one related to Postmates accidents is no exception. If you have been through a collision with a Postmates delivery driver, you would have many things to ask a lawyer. You would wonder what forms of compensation to claim, the amount of compensation you could expect, and at what time you should file the claim.

Any Postmates accident lawyer might answer those and more questions, but be sure to keep the following in mind to find the best professional for your claim.

Their Experience

The practice area of an attorney may differ from that of another. This means you must discover one who has experience in dealing with delivery service vehicular collision cases. These are different from regular accident cases, with a different set of factors at play in determining liability. For instance, it takes skill to determine whether a Postmates driver was signed in to the company’s app at the time of the collision. If the legal professional of yours has no clue about the aforementioned, you might not win the claim.

How They Charge Customers

The litigation-related cost may vary according to the specific lawyer and the firm where they work. Reputable law firms have contingent fee contracts, which means their service charges would be due only if they win the claim or produce a favorable legal settlement. In one of these two situations, the law firm would get a portion of the money from the responsible party as their legal fee.

Not every law firm works in the same way as explained above. So, you must ask them how they charge clients to avoid paying any hidden costs after the legal proceeding.

When Do You Have To File The Claim

In the event of having injuries or facing a major financial setback, you might need some more time to submit the claim to California’s court. In California, the time limit to do it is usually 24 months from the injury-inducing collision day. You may afford to take the time as long as you do not let it expire or fail to use the right to file the claim.

That said, there exist exceptions to this statute of limitations in California. For instance, the coronavirus epidemic may also extend the deadline. There may also be other exceptions to it, so you must consult with a Postmates car accident attorney.