Postmates Accident Lawyer

Postmates Accident Lawyer

Postmates is becoming a popular app-based food delivery service in the United States. The service offers delivery from stores and restaurants that do not have an in-house delivery system. Like most of the other food delivery services, Postmates also employee a lot of delivery drivers. Since many drivers are rushing around delivering food to the customers, the accident risk is very high.

In the United States, accidents involving delivery drivers are very common and many people get injured in these accidents. If accidents are severe, people may even die. Distracted driving is a common cause of accidents. The Postmates drivers may have to look at their phones to find the location of their customers or to see the details of the next delivery. This may take their eyes off the door and may cause accidents.

When you are involved in an accident with a Postmates driver, you can file a personal injury claim against Postmates. However, most people make several mistakes that could reduce the value of their claim.

Some of the mistakes that you should avoid after a Postmates accident are shared below.

Not Calling The Police To The Accident Scene

Many people make the mistake of not calling the police to the scene of the accident because the accident was minor and no one was injured. However, it is important to report the accident to law enforcement because the incident report drafted by the police is very important for filing your injury claim. The police report will contain all the details about the accident; the damages, injuries, and even the person is at fault. The incident report will serve as the primary evidence at the court when you file the personal injury claim.

Fleeing The Scene Of The Accident

Some people might leave the scene of the accident due to panic. However, you should not leave the accident scene because if you do leave, it will undermine your credibility and damage the chances of your injury claim. You are legally obliged to remain at the accident scene until law enforcement arrives. You will have to give information to the police about the incident, which will go into the incident report. If you leave the accident scene after injuring others, it will result in fines or prison time.

Not Seeking Medical Attention

If the injuries from the accident are not that serious, most people might not seek proper medical care. Sometimes the injuries may be internal and you may experience them all of a sudden. Therefore, you should check yourself first and call the emergency services immediately after the accident. Another reason for seeking immediate treatment is that it will ensure that you have a medical record on the injuries you sustained during the Postmates car accident. If you do not have a medical record, the insurance companies will argue that you were not injured from the accident or it could reduce the value of your injury claim.

Not Collecting Evidence

If the accident is severe, you may not be able to collect proper evidence, like the pictures of the damaged vehicles, statements of the witnesses, contact information of other parties involved in the accident, etc. If you are unable to collect these evidences, the police will do that for filing the incident report. It is very important to collect evidence after an accident. They are very crucial in filing your Postmates injury claim. The evidences can help make your cases stronger and will ensure that you get the deserving compensation.

Not Hiring A Postmates Accident Lawyer

This is one of the common mistakes that people do while filing an injury claim. They think that they could handle the case alone because the accident was caused by another party’s fault. When it comes to a Postmates accident, the company invests heavily in their legal department and they have a team of lawyers who could find any loopholes in your injury claims that could reduce its value or they could even deny the compensation.

Hiring a Postmates accident attorney will ensure that you have a strong case against the Postmates driver, the company, and all the other parties. A Postmates accident lawyer will help you to collect all the necessary evidence for the injury claim and he/she will interview the witnesses of the accident and ensure that their statements are in favor of you in winning the injury claim. Also, the Postmates accident lawyer will talk with the insurance providers.

Another reason why you should hire a Postmates accident attorney is that he can help in the negotiation. Many people make the mistake of settling for the first offer they receive. A Postmates accident lawyer will analyze the damages and injuries your sustained during the accident and estimate an amount that will cover all the damage. The lawyer will negotiate with the company and make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve.

Postmates Accident Attorney

Postmates Accident Attorney

Postmate is a delivery company which transports food from restaurants and eating joints to customers. Eating establishments generally don’t have the leeway to employ delivery drivers, and instead make the use of such services to help get their food to customers who aren’t willing for in-store pick up, which boosts sales. Eating establishments have a contract with Postmates, among other food delivery services.

Postmates drivers can work for as long as they want, and take time off when they deem fit. They are in essence, their own bosses. They are given the insurance coverage and are protected by Postmates in the event of an accident. There are many who are clueless about the coverage liability, and what is it that happens after they have a car accident- can they sue or not? Is it grounds for filing an injury claim?

Let us help to break it down for you.

How Is It That Postmates Works?

Drivers of Postmates are sent for deliveries based on requests on their apps. Postmates drivers once they receive the pickup request, are to wait at the restaurant location for the food to be prepared, are to pick it up and have it delivered at the designated location set by the customer. Drivers can make use of both motorcycles and bicycles, even though the latter is at a higher risk of being hurt in the event of a serious collision. You don’t even need a vehicle; you can also take a walk and deliver it.

What About The Postmates Insurance Coverage?

Its policy covers all drivers. The reason for this is because a personal auto insurance policy is not covered under commercial driving. Drivers are covered under a $1,000,000 liability cover. This is supplemental meaning that it can be added along with your insurance, and you needn’t have a policy active.

Keep in mind that the insurance policy is only active if the driver has accepted the delivery. If you have the app opened, then you are not liable to be covered. This is different from rideshare insurances like that of Lyft and Uber, which is active if you are waiting on a customer with the app being active. The insurance cover increases once the ride has been started.

Postmates doesn’t provide coverage for your vehicle, though. What the liability coverage has covered is what the company utilizes. Your personal delivery vehicle is not something that the company utilizes. For this reason, your car’s repair costs will not be covered under the unforeseen circumstances of an accident- you will have to pay for it from your wallet.

However, third-parties are protected in the event of the crash.

What To Do After A Postmates Accident?

In the event of an accident, most people are frozen in a state of shock, not knowing what to do next. All you need to do is follow a few simple steps and you will do just fine.

The first thing you need to do is to ensure that you are not severely hurt. If you are seriously hurt and you can move, then call 911 and wait for the EMT to reach you. if you are not hurt too terribly and can move around without further injuring yourself, then check on the others involved in the crash.

Once you are in the hospital, get yourself checked even if you don’t feel immediate pain. Most of the severe injuries caused during an accident are internal and they may not show. Get a complete check-up, and collect all of the medical records, bills and doctor’s prescription as a valid proof to present in court. The longer you take to check into a hospital, the more challenging it gets to tie in the injuries to the accident, and not something else.

Get in touch with the responding police officer at the scene of the accident, and ask for a copy of the accident report. It is a crucial document that gives valuable information on the accident, and what the probable cause leading to it was.

The smarter option would be to get an attorney for Postmates accident on board. Having a lawyer that is experienced and well-versed in such cases will be able to better guide you and help win the case, get you the compensation you deserve and punish those responsible.

From there on out, let the Postmates accident attorney do the heavy lifting.

Earning From Postmates Accident Lawsuit

There are several forms of compensation that one can receive. A good Postmates accident attorney will ensure that you get the compensation that is in line with the physical and mental trauma that you had to undergo.

  • You can get coverage for medical bills, hospitalization, medication, surgery and many more
  • Compensation for lost income due to injuries
  • Property damage
  • Pain, suffering and mental anguish among anxiety, emotional scarring and fear as a result of the accident.
Postmates Accident Lawyer

Postmates Accident Lawyer

Postmates is a delivery service that was founded in 2011. It delivers a variety of items starting from restaurant food to groceries. People place orders through the app or website of the company and the delivery drivers deliver the goods to the user’s place.

Delivery drivers use different vehicles for transportation according to their convenience. It is possible that these drivers may sometimes become involved in accidents that could be due to their fault or the other party’s fault. If you want Postmates to cover the injuries and damages caused by the accident, you have to file an insurance claim and getting the help of an expert Postmates accident attorney is highly recommended.

What Are The Causes Of Postmates Accidents?

There are many things that can contribute to Postmates accidents. People driving without caution on the roads cause many accidents. Postmates delivery drivers are paid according to the number of deliveries they complete and it is common for them to drive at a faster pace that may in some cases, lead to accidents.

What To Do If You Get Injured In An Accident Involving A Postmates Driver?

Here are the essential steps you should take when injured in an accident involving a Postmates driver.

  • Call the emergency response team.
  • Seek medical attention if injured. A medical report can strengthen your claim.
  • Collect evidence of the accident and injuries.
  • Collect information from the parties involved. The driver’s license, vehicle and insurance information has to be collected.
  • Talk to witnesses and get their contact information just in case.
  • Never speak with the other party involved in the accident about your injuries. Do not contact the insurance company before having a discussion with a Postmates accident lawyer.

What Should Postmates Drivers Involved In An Accident Do?

Postmates require their delivery personnel (independent contractors) to have their own auto insurance.

Here are the steps a Postmates delivery driver has to follow after an accident.

  • Call the police if you are injured because a police report can help your accident claim.
  • Get adequate medical attention.
  • Collect evidence from the accident spot including photographs of the damaged vehicle, your injuries and the accident spot.
  • Get the license, insurance and vehicle information of other parties involved.
  • Do not discuss about the accident or injuries to the other party.

Following the correct procedures after an accident can make significant contributions to winning your accident claim.

Postmates Accident Lawyer

Postmates Accident Lawyer

Vehicle accidents are likely to occur at any time because of factors like speeding, distractions, driving under the influence and so forth. If you encounter a collision, then you should be aware of the things to do next, particularly if it injures you. Usually, getting into the aforementioned situation may mean being able to submit a legal claim and pursue economic compensation for the injuries.

An accident might or might not make it necessary to get the legal help of an attorney, according to the type of the event. For instance, if you have an accident without any physical injury but with property damage, then you might be capable of handling the matter without legal assistance. This is because property damage claims are fairly simple matters. However, this is not the case with personal injury claims. Keep reading to know about the two forms of accidents that might necessitate an attorney’s expertise.

Service Vehicle Accident

There has been an increase in the number of food delivery services and rideshare services in the last few years. However, the proliferation of these services has also increased the accident count in the United States of America.

A collision with any service vehicle is a more complicated matter than a usual accident. When it comes to a standard accident, you may only have to prove the other party’s negligence in the event. Conversely, a delivery service’s involvement in the accident will make it harder to prove the concerned party’s negligence. In this particular situation, it is possibly tricky for a layman to discover the actual at-fault party. This is mainly because there are several factors at play in determining their negligence.

You may know that the other vehicle driver was negligent in contributing to the accident in some way. You may also understand that they work for a company like Postmates, Lyft, or Uber. Anyhow, are you sure that they were ‘working’ for that delivery service provider when the crash happened? All delivery companies have mobile applications for drivers. They would be in a ‘working’ state only if their delivery service application was enabled when taking food to a customer. If the app was not active when the crash happened, you might be unable to litigate the concerned delivery company.

According to the circumstances, it would be important to show pieces of evidence to substantiate the fault of the concerned company, vehicle operator, or both. If there is any major injury for you, then establishing their negligence would be an extra burden on you. This is when you might be better off hiring an Uber, Lyft or Postmates accident lawyer.

Standard Accidents

According to the strength of the crash, the following situations might or might not lead to minor or severe injuries.

  • Head-On Collisions

When the front ends of two vehicles collide into each other, it will possibly affect the passengers and drivers devastatingly. In the event of having injuries from this form of accident, it would be beneficial to hire an attorney. The fault may be clearer in this particular situation than the others, but you would require the professional’s expertise in not just doing the legwork but also negotiating with the guilty party and their insurance carrier.

  • Rear-End Crashes

The phrase ‘rear end’ refers to a situation where one vehicle collides with another situated ahead of it. As you might imagine, this sort of accident usually happens due to sudden braking. You are likely to experience injuries that have long-term effects because of the sheer force of the impact between both vehicles.

It is potentially difficult to establish that the other party acted negligently to cause this accident. This is possibly the main reason why you have to hire an injury lawyer for your rear-end accident claim.

Rollover Accidents

Vehicles overturn due to numerous different reasons. A rollover is likely to make you ejected from your vehicle or make that auto’s exterior collapse onto you and other passengers. This is why rollovers tend to cause major injuries like spinal cord issues and brain trauma, which affect your capability of earning a living. So, be sure to work with an attorney to preserve your legal rights against that other, guilty driver. The attorney you choose will ensure that the other individual’s insurer will not lower your claim.

Sideswipe Collision

This form of accident is likely to cause grave injuries, particularly to the one who sits on the auto’s side in which the impact force occurs. When two vehicles swipe each other, either driver will lose control of their auto. The side seat occupants are at the most risk of injuries as the door does not give any protection to them. If this collision injures you, just contact an attorney for help in either negotiating with the guilty party’s insurer or filing an injury claim.

Postmates Accident Attorney

Postmates Accident Attorney

The number of food delivery companies has dramatically increased in the US. As most people prefer to get food, groceries, and other goods delivered to their home or another place of convenience, it has resulted in an increase in the demand for delivery drivers. Hence, a lot of companies like Postmates are using this opportunity to their benefit. This company deals with delivering foods, beverages, and other goods to its customers based on their requirements.

Customers can use the Postmates app for ordering the items they need, and a delivery driver will deliver these items to a place that they need. You can find a large number of delivery drivers working for Postmates.

Delivery companies like Postmates made people’s lives easy, as it is now possible for them to get access to foods and other goods they need even from the comfort of their home without visiting a physical store. However, these companies have resulted in some problems too. A large number of delivery drivers working for companies such as Postmates have increased the risk of accidents. You might have often heard about accidents involving delivery drivers. These accidents can be disastrous considering the high speed of delivery vehicles.

If you get involved in such an accident, then you have the right to claim money. For this, you should be aware of the Postmates’ accident insurance policies. This will help you to get the maximum amount for the damages you have suffered. Hence, through this article, we provide some of the important information you want to know about Postmates’ accident policies. This can be useful for you when filing a claim against the company.

Do You Need A Personal Auto Insurance When Driving For Postmates?

Yes. Postmates will demand proof of your personal auto insurance coverage when signing up with them as a driver. You will have to submit the documents only once and Postmates won’t check the validity of your insurance every year.

However, some insurance companies won’t cover you if you use your vehicle for commercial activities. Hence, in this situation, you might not get coverage for the accidents even if you have personal insurance. Therefore, you should check with your insurance agent before working for Postmates to know if you are eligible for the claim when you get in an accident while working for the company. If it is not possible, then you might need a commercial insurance policy.

Does Postmates Cover Its Drivers?

Postmates also covers its employees in case of an accident. But their insurance policy might not work like your normal insurance. Filing a claim against the company can be complicated when compared to filing a claim against your normal insurance companies.

However, you can make this procedure easy with the help of a Postmates accident attorney. These attorneys will be specialized in dealing with Postmates accident cases and they will have good knowledge in making a claim against the company. Hence, they can be beneficial for you to easily claim the money for your damages without much hassles. In addition to this, an attorney for Postmates accident can help you to get the maximum amount for the property damage and bodily injuries you suffered.

Does Postmates Accident Insurance Covers Third Party?

Yes, Postmates’ accident insurance will cover both its drivers and the third parties involved in the accident. It might even give compensation of $1 million based on the severity of the accidents. But there are certain conditions that a Postmates driver should fulfil for claiming the compensation provided by the company.

The first condition is that the driver should have been working for the company when he/she got involved in the accident. If the driver was collecting the food from the restaurant or was delivering the order, then he can get maximum coverage from the company.

In addition to this, the company will provide coverage if the driver is underinsured or has exhausted his personal policy coverage. So the driver or third party involved in the accident will be able to get the compensation even if the amount is above the limit that can be covered by personal auto insurance.

So if you are hit by a Postmates driver, you can file a claim against the driver and the company. This will help you to get the claim amount you deserve even if the insurance company of the driver does not cover for the accident. A Postmates driver will also get these benefits.

If you are working for Postmates and got involved in an accident, you should inform the company about the accident as soon as possible for making the claim.

If you are not able to file the claim yourself, then you might seek the help of a Postmates accident attorney for this purpose. He will help you with the legal procedures associated with filing a claim against the company. This can help you to complete the procedures easily, thereby getting the claim quickly.

Postmates Accident Attorney

Postmates Accident Attorney

Online delivery has been on the fast track for a few years now. With people getting out less often, the idea of tapping on your phone and having things delivered to your doorstep has very common. However, with more people choosing e-commerce, there has been a rise in the delivery vehicles plying on the road and this has led to an increase in the number of road traffic accidents.

In the case of Postmates also, there have been numerous reports of such traffic accidents. If you have been in such an accident or know of someone who has gone through such an ordeal, then this is precisely for them.

Things To Do Right After A Postmates Accident

The first thing that you should do is to assess your medical condition. Are you hurt? Are you able to breathe properly? Are you able to move your legs, hands and fingers? If you are able to move around, then the first course of action is to call 911 and report the accident to the police. Check on others who have been involved in the accident. This includes the Postmates driver and passer-by.  If they are hurt, try to get them out of harm’s way until the paramedics arrive.

Take photos of the accident scene. Take photos of the accident to your vehicle from varying distances- up close and far off. Take photos of your injuries if you have any- you can do this from the hospital when you go to get yourself checked.  Take photos of the other Postmates vehicle that was involved in the crash- license plate, for starters.

Talk to witnesses around the scene and ask them what they saw. Get their contact details and request for them to testify on your behalf at court if you were not at fault.

Talk to the responding police officers and get their badge numbers and names. The police report that they file in the case of a claim is considered an essential document- your Postmates accident attorney will thank you!

Get yourself to the hospital, irrespective of whether you are hurt or not. Many of the injuries in car accidents, such as whiplash are internal injuries whose symptoms may not surface until a few days. Get yourself checked to the Emergency room, and do this immediately after the accident. The sooner you do this, the easier it is to attribute the injuries that you sustained, to the accident in court.

Get a copy of all the medical records, the doctor’s prescription and the medical bills, so that you have the necessary formal documents that outline the injuries that you suffered and the medical expenses that you had to pay from your pocket. If you are unable to work due to the injuries from the accident, you can make a claim for workers’ compensation. This will ensure that you get paid a portion of the salary each time you are out of work.

It is required for the Postmates drivers to have their own liability insurance. Therefore, never forget to report the Postmates accident to your insurance company. Postmates car accidents are often complicated and the deadlines are not long, this is why it is important to get yourself an attorney for Postmates accident as early as possible.

Postmates Insurance Policy

Postmates require their drivers to have their own liability insurance. The minimum coverage of the insurance should be that is required in their corresponding state. Postmates now offer a comprehensive insurance coverage to their drivers, which is around $1,000,000. This coverage is only in effect when the app is turned on.

The complicated thing here is what constitutes the app being ‘on’? The laws and the regulations that apply to Postmates accidents are changing and require an expert on the subject to interpret it and make use of it to your advantage.

Obtaining The Compensation

If you have been injured in a Postmates crash, then you are entitled to a worker’s compensation medical benefit and reimbursement for lost earnings. This coverage will cover for you to get quick treatment for the injuries from the accident. The coverage will also ensure a lump sum payment if you are unable to attend work for a substantial amount of time or that your ability to work has been reduced permanently from the accident.

You may also make a claim against the person or the entity that caused the accident, and this is succeeded if you are able to prove that it was due to somebody’s negligence that caused the accident. Some of the liability cases are straight as an arrow, while others are more challenging and complicated. It is quite usually seen that both the drivers claim that the other went through the light-litigation is needed to figure out whose testimony is credible. Either way, you need the pros on your side!

Postmates Accident Attorney

Postmates Accident Attorney

We cannot foresee the accidents that are going to happen to us. It can happen to us anytime and there is nothing you can do about it to prevent the accident other than drive carefully. However, if you are involved in a Postmates car accident or any other accident, you should be compensated for the injuries and damages you sustained during the accident.

Do these things when you are involved in a Postmates car accident.

Check Yourself For Injuries

The first thing you need to do after getting in an accident with a Postmates car is to make sure that you are okay and do not have any serious injuries. Check whether all the parties involved in the accident are safe. Do not try to drive away if you feel that the accident is minor and there is no significant damage. You need to remain at the scene of the accident because it is illegal to flee the accident scene even if you are not injured in the accident.

Call 911

Even if it was a minor accident, you need to make sure to call the police and other authorities. The police will come and collect your statement about the accident. The police report is very useful if you are planning on filing for an accident claim. The police report contains all the necessary details about the accident, including how the accident happened. Another reason for calling police to the accident scene is to clear the roadway.

Take Pictures Of The Accident Scene

If you are the victim of the Postmates car accident, make sure to take photos and video of the accident scene because they are great proof in your accident claim. The picture of the accident scene will explain the damage sustained by your vehicle and it will help you to remember all the necessary details of the accident later. Also, take photos of any injuries you sustained in the accidents.

Notify The Insurance Provider

After the accident, you need to inform your insurance company about the accident and give them every detail of the accident. If you fail to notify your insurance company about the accident, it can result in many complications and may even result in rejection of your claim.

Hire A Postmates Accident Lawyer

Many people think that they can proceed with the accident claim without the help of a lawyer. However, the legal proceedings may become more complicated and common people may find it difficult to negotiate with the insurance company. With the help of a Postmates accident attorney, you can file the accident claim and collect all the evidence that helps to ensure that you will be adequately compensated.