Postmates Accident Lawyer
Postmates Accident Lawyer

Postmates Accident Lawyer

Postmates is a delivery service that was founded in 2011. It delivers a variety of items starting from restaurant food to groceries. People place orders through the app or website of the company and the delivery drivers deliver the goods to the user’s place.

Delivery drivers use different vehicles for transportation according to their convenience. It is possible that these drivers may sometimes become involved in accidents that could be due to their fault or the other party’s fault. If you want Postmates to cover the injuries and damages caused by the accident, you have to file an insurance claim and getting the help of an expert Postmates accident attorney is highly recommended.

What Are The Causes Of Postmates Accidents?

There are many things that can contribute to Postmates accidents. People driving without caution on the roads cause many accidents. Postmates delivery drivers are paid according to the number of deliveries they complete and it is common for them to drive at a faster pace that may in some cases, lead to accidents.

What To Do If You Get Injured In An Accident Involving A Postmates Driver?

Here are the essential steps you should take when injured in an accident involving a Postmates driver.

  • Call the emergency response team.
  • Seek medical attention if injured. A medical report can strengthen your claim.
  • Collect evidence of the accident and injuries.
  • Collect information from the parties involved. The driver’s license, vehicle and insurance information has to be collected.
  • Talk to witnesses and get their contact information just in case.
  • Never speak with the other party involved in the accident about your injuries. Do not contact the insurance company before having a discussion with a Postmates accident lawyer.

What Should Postmates Drivers Involved In An Accident Do?

Postmates require their delivery personnel (independent contractors) to have their own auto insurance.

Here are the steps a Postmates delivery driver has to follow after an accident.

  • Call the police if you are injured because a police report can help your accident claim.
  • Get adequate medical attention.
  • Collect evidence from the accident spot including photographs of the damaged vehicle, your injuries and the accident spot.
  • Get the license, insurance and vehicle information of other parties involved.
  • Do not discuss about the accident or injuries to the other party.

Following the correct procedures after an accident can make significant contributions to winning your accident claim.