Postmates Accident Attorney
Postmates Accident Attorney

Postmates Accident Attorney

The number of food delivery companies has dramatically increased in the US. As most people prefer to get food, groceries, and other goods delivered to their home or another place of convenience, it has resulted in an increase in the demand for delivery drivers. Hence, a lot of companies like Postmates are using this opportunity to their benefit. This company deals with delivering foods, beverages, and other goods to its customers based on their requirements.

Customers can use the Postmates app for ordering the items they need, and a delivery driver will deliver these items to a place that they need. You can find a large number of delivery drivers working for Postmates.

Delivery companies like Postmates made people’s lives easy, as it is now possible for them to get access to foods and other goods they need even from the comfort of their home without visiting a physical store. However, these companies have resulted in some problems too. A large number of delivery drivers working for companies such as Postmates have increased the risk of accidents. You might have often heard about accidents involving delivery drivers. These accidents can be disastrous considering the high speed of delivery vehicles.

If you get involved in such an accident, then you have the right to claim money. For this, you should be aware of the Postmates’ accident insurance policies. This will help you to get the maximum amount for the damages you have suffered. Hence, through this article, we provide some of the important information you want to know about Postmates’ accident policies. This can be useful for you when filing a claim against the company.

Do You Need A Personal Auto Insurance When Driving For Postmates?

Yes. Postmates will demand proof of your personal auto insurance coverage when signing up with them as a driver. You will have to submit the documents only once and Postmates won’t check the validity of your insurance every year.

However, some insurance companies won’t cover you if you use your vehicle for commercial activities. Hence, in this situation, you might not get coverage for the accidents even if you have personal insurance. Therefore, you should check with your insurance agent before working for Postmates to know if you are eligible for the claim when you get in an accident while working for the company. If it is not possible, then you might need a commercial insurance policy.

Does Postmates Cover Its Drivers?

Postmates also covers its employees in case of an accident. But their insurance policy might not work like your normal insurance. Filing a claim against the company can be complicated when compared to filing a claim against your normal insurance companies.

However, you can make this procedure easy with the help of a Postmates accident attorney. These attorneys will be specialized in dealing with Postmates accident cases and they will have good knowledge in making a claim against the company. Hence, they can be beneficial for you to easily claim the money for your damages without much hassles. In addition to this, an attorney for Postmates accident can help you to get the maximum amount for the property damage and bodily injuries you suffered.

Does Postmates Accident Insurance Covers Third Party?

Yes, Postmates’ accident insurance will cover both its drivers and the third parties involved in the accident. It might even give compensation of $1 million based on the severity of the accidents. But there are certain conditions that a Postmates driver should fulfil for claiming the compensation provided by the company.

The first condition is that the driver should have been working for the company when he/she got involved in the accident. If the driver was collecting the food from the restaurant or was delivering the order, then he can get maximum coverage from the company.

In addition to this, the company will provide coverage if the driver is underinsured or has exhausted his personal policy coverage. So the driver or third party involved in the accident will be able to get the compensation even if the amount is above the limit that can be covered by personal auto insurance.

So if you are hit by a Postmates driver, you can file a claim against the driver and the company. This will help you to get the claim amount you deserve even if the insurance company of the driver does not cover for the accident. A Postmates driver will also get these benefits.

If you are working for Postmates and got involved in an accident, you should inform the company about the accident as soon as possible for making the claim.

If you are not able to file the claim yourself, then you might seek the help of a Postmates accident attorney for this purpose. He will help you with the legal procedures associated with filing a claim against the company. This can help you to complete the procedures easily, thereby getting the claim quickly.