Postmates Accident Attorney
Postmates Accident Attorney

Postmates Accident Attorney

Online delivery has been on the fast track for a few years now. With people getting out less often, the idea of tapping on your phone and having things delivered to your doorstep has very common. However, with more people choosing e-commerce, there has been a rise in the delivery vehicles plying on the road and this has led to an increase in the number of road traffic accidents.

In the case of Postmates also, there have been numerous reports of such traffic accidents. If you have been in such an accident or know of someone who has gone through such an ordeal, then this is precisely for them.

Things To Do Right After A Postmates Accident

The first thing that you should do is to assess your medical condition. Are you hurt? Are you able to breathe properly? Are you able to move your legs, hands and fingers? If you are able to move around, then the first course of action is to call 911 and report the accident to the police. Check on others who have been involved in the accident. This includes the Postmates driver and passer-by.  If they are hurt, try to get them out of harm’s way until the paramedics arrive.

Take photos of the accident scene. Take photos of the accident to your vehicle from varying distances- up close and far off. Take photos of your injuries if you have any- you can do this from the hospital when you go to get yourself checked.  Take photos of the other Postmates vehicle that was involved in the crash- license plate, for starters.

Talk to witnesses around the scene and ask them what they saw. Get their contact details and request for them to testify on your behalf at court if you were not at fault.

Talk to the responding police officers and get their badge numbers and names. The police report that they file in the case of a claim is considered an essential document- your Postmates accident attorney will thank you!

Get yourself to the hospital, irrespective of whether you are hurt or not. Many of the injuries in car accidents, such as whiplash are internal injuries whose symptoms may not surface until a few days. Get yourself checked to the Emergency room, and do this immediately after the accident. The sooner you do this, the easier it is to attribute the injuries that you sustained, to the accident in court.

Get a copy of all the medical records, the doctor’s prescription and the medical bills, so that you have the necessary formal documents that outline the injuries that you suffered and the medical expenses that you had to pay from your pocket. If you are unable to work due to the injuries from the accident, you can make a claim for workers’ compensation. This will ensure that you get paid a portion of the salary each time you are out of work.

It is required for the Postmates drivers to have their own liability insurance. Therefore, never forget to report the Postmates accident to your insurance company. Postmates car accidents are often complicated and the deadlines are not long, this is why it is important to get yourself an attorney for Postmates accident as early as possible.

Postmates Insurance Policy

Postmates require their drivers to have their own liability insurance. The minimum coverage of the insurance should be that is required in their corresponding state. Postmates now offer a comprehensive insurance coverage to their drivers, which is around $1,000,000. This coverage is only in effect when the app is turned on.

The complicated thing here is what constitutes the app being ‘on’? The laws and the regulations that apply to Postmates accidents are changing and require an expert on the subject to interpret it and make use of it to your advantage.

Obtaining The Compensation

If you have been injured in a Postmates crash, then you are entitled to a worker’s compensation medical benefit and reimbursement for lost earnings. This coverage will cover for you to get quick treatment for the injuries from the accident. The coverage will also ensure a lump sum payment if you are unable to attend work for a substantial amount of time or that your ability to work has been reduced permanently from the accident.

You may also make a claim against the person or the entity that caused the accident, and this is succeeded if you are able to prove that it was due to somebody’s negligence that caused the accident. Some of the liability cases are straight as an arrow, while others are more challenging and complicated. It is quite usually seen that both the drivers claim that the other went through the light-litigation is needed to figure out whose testimony is credible. Either way, you need the pros on your side!