Postmates Accident Lawyer
Postmates Accident Lawyer

Postmates Accident Lawyer

There is a large number of delivery drivers working for Postmates, which is a well-known food delivery company in the United States. Postmates deliver food and other goods for their customers into a location of their convenience. So there are many drivers rushing around to deliver the customer orders. This has greatly increased the risk of accidents.

Accidents involving delivery drivers are a common occurrence, as they will be at high speeds most of the time. Hence, you might find a lot of accidents involving Postmates drivers.

If you are working for Postmates and met with an accident, there are certain procedures you have to follow. Some of the common procedures that a delivery driver should be aware of are listed below:


Sometimes, the accidents might be minor and there may not be any injuries except some property damage. In such circumstances, you might be tempted to drive away.

But it is important to make sure that you never drive away from the accident scene, even if it is a minor one. You should stop and continue with the other procedures that are listed below.

Ensure Everyone Is Safe

The next important thing you have to do is ensuring that everyone is safe. If they are injured, call the emergency services. Also, make sure to move your vehicle to the side so that the traffic will not be disturbed. But if there are severe injuries or property damage, do not move the vehicles from the scene. You should wait for the police to inspect and clear the accident scene.

Call 911

It is important to seek the intervention of the police for clearing the accident scene. Also, the report they prepare might be necessary for claiming the insurance. Hence, it is significant to call the police even if there are no major injuries. You might need the police report even for claiming the damages of your vehicle.

Record The Accident Scene

This is another important thing you have to do after completing all the emergency procedures. Recording the accident scene and taking photographs can be crucial for filing the claim. This evidence plays a great role in proving the liability.

If you are not able to collect the evidence yourself, then seek the help of a Postmates accident lawyer. A lawyer will have good experience in collecting evidence and inspecting the accident scene for establishing the liability.

Collect The Insurance Policy Details

It is necessary for you to collect the details of the other parties along with their insurance policy details. The other driver might also ask you for the same.

Report The Accident To Postmates

When you are working for Postmates, they have a certain responsibility for the damages you make. There are online forms provided by Postmates for reporting accidents and you should send an email to the specified mail id with the relevant details.

Postmates have separate coverage policies, and they might help you to cover your accident if your insurance coverage is exhausted.

Call Your Insurance Company

If you have your own personal insurance coverage, make sure to notify the insurance company about the incident. This is important for claiming the money you deserve.

Postmates Insurance Laws

If a Postmatesdriver is responsible for the accident, the company carries certain responsibility in it. There are separate carrier insurance laws for the company to deal with the damages caused by its drivers.

If the accident happened when the driver was working for the company, then it will provide compensation for the damages in certain situations. The Postmates drivers will be able to access the commercial policy of the company based on their underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage.

Underinsured motorist coverage will come into play if the damages you suffered cannot be compensated by the personal insurance coverage of the at-fault party. Also, the uninsured motorist coverage can be used when the at-fault party involved in the accident does not have personal insurance coverage. Hence, Postmates will provide compensation for its drivers or the other party if they do not have personal insurance to cover them.

How A Postmates Accident Lawyer Can Help You?

The Postmates accident lawyers are specialized in dealing with Postmates accident cases. They will be well aware of the policies of the company and can help you to get the maximum compensation for the injuries and damages you have suffered. Whether you are a Psotmates driver who met with an accident or the victim who is hit by a Postmates driver, contacting a lawyer for Postmates accidents can be helpful for you. Also, they can help you to negotiate with the insurance company in case of out-of-court settlements.

Postmates drivers have the right to access the insurance coverage provided by the company if they are involved in an accident. Postmates accident lawyers can help them with filing the claims with the insurance company for getting the maximum compensation.